Lens Antennas

Lensed Antennas

Steatite provide lens horn antennas and lens parabolic reflector antennas using dielectric inserts and lenses to control the radiated fields in ways which cannot be achieved using all-conductor antennas. The Company is at the forefront of the practical application of new electromagnetic theories and advanced simulation tools for the design of Lens antennas. These devices can provide a high field strength over a defined area and are therefore suited to EMC testing and materials testing applications. Steatite is also pleased to provide Lens Corrected Antennas from Sage Millimeter.

  • Frequency 1 to 170 GHz
  • Connectorised and waveguide interfaces
  • Ridged mechanical configurations
  • High efficiency and low loss
  • Low sidelobe levels
  • Low VSWR

Please visit Horn Antennas section and HiRF Antennas section.

To find out more about Steatite Antennas or discuss specific requirements please contact on +44(0)1568 617920, or email  sales.antennas@steatite.co.uk 

For further information on all capabilities please download Steatite Company Overview.

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