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“Eight-port multi-mode UWB feed” and “The illustration of a UWB lensed helical ridged horn antenna”

29 April 2016

In antenna research it is frequently possible for experienced engineers to invent structures with interesting and novel characteristics. These may have applications for which the designer is unaware and so remain undeveloped. Please find two new “white paper” articles illustrating novel antennas which may be fabricated using current manufacturing technology. The Company’s aim is to bring these to the attention of academia and industry to elicit interest and the possibility of application leading to the development of prototypes, past the analysis and simulation stage in the development cycle.

The first white paper is an eight-port multi-mode UWB feed. It is shown how this may be used to generate radiation patterns with orbital angular momentum, as well as patterns useful for multi-polarisation azimuth/elevation monopulse direction finding. The second illustrates a UWB lensed helical ridged horn for the transmission of high power circularly polarised radiation with moderate gain and good pattern characteristics. 

•Please download white paper “Eight-port multi-mode UWB feed” 

•Please download white paper – “UWB lensed helical ridged horn”

For more whote papers visit http://www.steatiteqpar-antennas.co.uk/downloads/white-paper-one/

For further information or discussion please email: sales.antennas@steatite.co.uk.

Helical ridged antenna with an integral dielectric lens:

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