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MWI a provider of RF material testing solutions appoints Steatite as its exclusive European distributor

12 December 2014

Steatite Q-par Antennas is appointed exclusive European distributor for MWI Laboratories. A company providing RF material testing solutions using free space, Gaussian Beam Technology.

The Company will be providing a range of Gaussian Beam Poly-rod and single polarity antennas operating from 0.7 to 50 GHz and a subcontract RF material testing service. The devices are used to measure the anisotropic / dielectric / magnetic material properties including; honeycomb, resistive films, radome materials and inspect for defects such as voids, faulty repairs or RF leakage. 

Robert Lowther, Steatite’s, Sales and Marketing manager said, “Being able to offer Gaussian Beam Antennas to the European market, fills the need for antennas that provide a stable, narrow, uniform beam that does not change with frequency when testing for material properties at microwave frequencies. Therefore, Gaussian Beam antennas have a distinct advantages over standard horns. Their planar-wave, broadband, narrow beam (without focus points) spot sizes, have greater dynamic ranges when used in insertion loss, reflection loss, composite repair and RCS applications. This new offering further complements the company’s expanding antenna solutions utilising lensed technology.”

The Material-Wave Interactions (MWI) Laboratories, LLC is a spin-off company from Arizona State University (ASU). The business has obtained exclusive rights for two of the research patents utilized in its systems: the revolutionary Gaussian Beam and Linearly Polarize Resonate Loop Technologies.

The full offering includes Admittance tunnels, NRL reflection loss arches, hand held reflectometer, Capacitive plate devices and a family of sensors called the E-pods or Electro-magnetic linear polarized resonate sensors.


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Press Contact: James Munger – Group Marketing Manager - Marketing@steatite.co.uk