Ultra Wideband Antennas

The design and manufacture of ultra wideband antennas is a core competency of the Company. A flexible technical approach in satisfying COTS and custom wideband-octave and multi-octave antenna requirements is a major part of Steatite’s capability.

A wide range of polarisations are offered including, single, dual polar, circular and dual circular. Experience established over forty years, has enabled the Company to develop a large portfolio of COTs wideband antenna products and satisfy several wideband custom antenna subsystem projects for civil and defence customers. As an example of our ultra wideband capability please review the COTS 0.8 to 40 GHz omnidirectional antenna QOM-SL-0.8-40-K-SG-L and the 0.9 to 18 GHz dual polarised horn antenna QWH-DL-0.9-18-S-SG-R

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Please download the Company’s product and services brochure here

To find out more about Steatite Antennas or discuss specific requirements please contact on +44(0)1568 617920, or email  sales.antennas@steatite.co.uk 

For further information on all capabilities please download Steatite Company Overview.

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