Slotted Array Antennas

Slot Array Antennas Slot Array Antennas

Steatite Antennas has had a long involvement with the design and manufacture of both linear and planar waveguide slot array antennas. Typical examples include a simple six element UHF band linear array, a very high power 48 element L band planar array and a complex 32 by 32 element Ka band planar array. A variety of radiation pattern variants can be synthesised from maximum gain to suppressed sidelobes.

Various manufacturing methods are available ranging from sheet metal fabrication to CNC machining out of a solid billet when the precision demands.   The arrays may be fitted with low loss radomes for full weather protection. The Company's in-house computer programs and electromagnetic simulation package CST Microwave® coupled with SolidWorks® mechanical design enable Steatite to design slot arrays that work first time without costly re-development. The manufacture is supported by an extensive test facility enabling the antennas to be fully characterised for VSWR, gain and radiation patterns before packing and shipping.

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