ETI Electromagnetic Technologies Industries, Inc. (ET Industries) specialises in the design and manufacture state-of-the-art RF components, subsystems and systems. With the broadest frequency range in the industry (10 MHz to 67 GHz) coupled with low VSWR, high directivity and moderate insertion loss. ET Industries is focussed to assist customers to investigate and solve problems that are very advanced technologically and may require critical schedules for completion.

   Directional Couplers    Power combiners / Splitters  
  Antenna Beamforming Networks   Multibeam Antenna Systems  
  RF Active Components   90 Degree Hybrid Couplers  
  180 Degree Hybrid Couplers      

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To find out more about Steatite Antennas or discuss specific requirements please contact on +44(0)1568 617920, or email 

For further information on all capabilities please download Steatite Company Overview.

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