Anteral is an innovative company that works in the fields of space, telecommunications and science, providing Universities and various industrial enterprises with innovative solutions. Anteral designs and develops high performance antennas from low frequencies to THz frequencies and THz measuring and imaging systems to 500 GHz.

  Standard Gain Antennas   High Gain Antennas  
  CATR Feeds   Antenna Arrays  
  Corrugated Horns   Spline Profile Horns  
  Ridge Horn Antennas    Near Field Probes  
  Custom Solutions   Field Polarizers  
  Field Filters   Industrial Systems  

Please visit Anteral’s website

To find out more about Steatite Antennas or discuss specific requirements please contact on +44(0)1568 617920, or email 

For further information on all capabilities please download Steatite Company Overview.

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